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Aaron English

By Tanya Davies

My name is Aaron English and I’m a Certified Athletic Therapist. I’m the Owner/Founder, Head Athletic Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach of Advanced Movement, a sports medicine and human performance clinic in Windsor/Essex County, Ontario.

This photo is of a patient I’m treating in my clinic. The patient, a former varsity soccer player, had been having left hip pain for some time. She indicated that she had a constant dull ache in her hip, with periods of hip pinching with flexion, and a “tightness” feeling when externally rotating her leg. She wanted to get back to playing in a local recreational soccer league. 

In my assessment, I noted that the left leg, her main leg for planting and pivoting, presented as slightly internally rotated.

In this photo I am performing a gluteal stretch utilizing the fascial stretch therapy technique. This technique is a complete table-based assisted stretching system that focuses on the fascia and joint capsule. I was performing this stretch to help loosen up the fascia and muscular tension within the glute and hip area.

The goal of the treatment was to increase range of motion, muscle activation and eventually muscle strength. It would also aim to decrease pain, muscle tension and imbalances. Once the patient returned to playing soccer, I provided her with a strength and conditioning program.

This treatment represents rehabilitation and injury prevention in the AT spectrum of care.

Contributing Athletic Therapist
Aaron English


Aaron completed his Advanced Diploma in the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program in 2010 at George Brown College. He received his B.A. (Specialized Hons) in Kinesiology & Health Science and Athletic Therapy Advanced Certificate from York University in 2018. He has worked as a therapist for a number of athletes and sports teams, including the Canadian Basketball Men’s Program, Oshawa General Ontario Hockey League team, University of Toronto Varsity Football Team and the York University Men’s & Women’s Varsity Volleyball Teams. When Aaron isn’t working, you can find him in Algonquin Park hiking, camping and paddle boarding with his wife Paige.