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Daniel Chammas

By Tanya Davies

My name is Daniel Chammas and I’m a Certified Athletic Therapist. I’m the Assistant Athletic Therapist of the Montreal Alouettes Football Club in the Canadian Football League.

This photo is from a hot and humid summer day during a Montreal Alouettes football practice. Typically, we practice outdoors from roughly 11am to 1pm, usually the warmest hours of the day.

During this practice, a player, who plays defensive back, came off the field and approached me on the sidelines, complaining of his left gastrocnemius (a muscle in the back part of the lower leg). He felt that it was about to cramp.

I immediately laid him down on the field and slowly and dynamically stretched his calf as he drank some water along with an electrolyte packet. My goal was to rehydrate, restore electrolyte equilibrium, and to gently stretch muscle fibres apart in order to manage a muscle cramp.

The treatment represents injury prevention and emergency care in the AT spectrum of care. This incident may seem simple, routine, and flies under the radar. However, it is often this type of event that requires proper recognition and response time and keeps athletes in the game.

Contributing Athletic Therapist
Daniel Chammas


Montreal-native Daniel completed his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at McGill University in 2012, then studied athletic therapy at Concordia University. He became a Certified Athletic Therapist in 2016, and moved to Sydney, NS to work for the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles of the QMJHL. In 2017, Daniel returned to Montreal to serve as the Assistant Athletic Therapist of the Montreal Alouettes Football Club in the CFL. He is closely involved with the prevention and treatment of orthopaedic injuries in professional athletes. In his free time, Daniel is an avid guitar player and enjoys exploring coffee shops with his wife Konstantina.