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On and Off the Field with Jason White

By Tanya Davies

When the Invictus Games come to Toronto from September 23-30, you’ll find Athletic Therapist Jason White on the sidelines. As the Lead Medical Practitioner for the Golf event, Jason will be helping the athletes stay healthy and able to compete. “This is a new role for me,” explains Jason. “I’m very excited to work alongside and with military men and women, both active and veterans.”

And that is what makes the Invictus Games so special: Founded in 2014 by Prince Harry, the games were created to introduce sport as another path to rehabilitation and recovery for wounded, injured or sick military personnel and veterans. The word “invictus” means unconquered and, for Jason, being able to “stand beside our military personnel who once and will always stand behind us” is why he wanted to be involved with the games.

The inaugural Invictus Games was held in London, England, with 400 athletes from 13 countries. The Toronto event will feature 12 adaptive sports with approximately 500 athletes competing from 17 countries. Jason knows that the games are going to be emotional, for the athletes, coaches, crowds, and the 1,500 volunteers. “These competitors have survived at a great cost, both physically and mentally,” he says. “There will be tears of joy and of laughter.”

Jason was a competitive swimmer for a decade, and saw first-hand the benefits of athletic treatments on injuries. “I have always had a keen interest in the health field and saw how Athletic Therapy was a fit for me.” He started working with elite athletes in 2004 at the provincial level. Then he gained experience with national athletes, and at international major events, such as the Commonwealth Games. Jason is currently the Athletic Therapist for Rugby Canada, Sledge Hockey Canada and Sledge Hockey Ontario. “I’m often travelling throughout the year, around 10 to 12 weeks, with national sport organizations,” says Jason. “Athletic Therapists that cover field activities have the opportunity to provide complete comprehensive care for an athlete from the time of injury to full return to activity.”

Jason will be able to provide that care for the athletes at the Invictus Games, but he knows that being part of this event means more than just winning. “There are the emotional and mental components of the games, and what Invictus stands for,” says Jason. “And seeing how we can all overcome injuries with the power of sport.”

Contributing Athletic Therapist
Jason White


As a former competitive swimmer, Jason White experienced his share of injuries and treatment. His desire to help others overcome injuries and resume healthy lifestyles led him to becoming an Athletic Therapist and RMT, and is the focus of his current private practice.