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Marilyne Doucet

By Tanya Davies

My name is Marilyne Doucet and I’m a Certified Athletic Therapist. I’m an Athletic Therapist at Collegiate Sports Medicine in Olds, Alberta.

In this photo I’m administering CranioSacral Therapy on a patient in the clinic. Craniosacral therapy is an advanced clinical skill, and I received additional certification to perform it. The therapy is focused on the pelvic diaphragm release technique before working on the sacrum to alleviate low back pain. The goal of the therapy is to alleviate chronic low back pain using light pressure techniques focusing on the sacrum.

The patient, an active 30-year-old, has chronic low back pain which was alleviated with some rehabilitation techniques, such as joint mobilizations (sacroiliac, hip and lumbar spine) and sacral traction. However, she still had some residual pain in the low back area. I introduced some CranioSacral Therapy techniques focusing on the sacrum and her low back pain significantly decreased and is now barely noticeable.

The treatment represents rehabilitation in the AT spectrum of care. 

Contributing Athletic Therapist
Marilyne Doucet


Originaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, Marilyne est diplômée en kinésiologie depuis 2014. Elle a également poursuivi ses études en thérapie du sport au Sheridan College, où elle a obtenu son diplôme avec distinctions en 2018. Elle s’est installée en Alberta l’an dernier afin de poursuivre ses rêves et de vivre sa passion pour le sport et le corps humain. Marilyne continue sa formation afin d’ajouter d’autres compétences à son arsenal, notamment la thérapie craniosacrale 1 et le 7 Step Concussion Protocol à The Fascia Training Institute.