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Phoebe Mathews

By Tanya Davies

My name is Phoebe Mathews and I’m a Certified Athletic Therapist. I’m an AT for the Carleton University women’s soccer team and the Ottawa Outlaws, a professional Ultimate Frisbee team. I also work in two clinics in Ottawa: Sage Wellness Proactive Athletic Therapy.

In this photo I’m working in the clinic with a patient who has left sacroiliac pain (pain on the lower left side of the back). In the assessment I found that she had an anteriorly rotated ilium on the right, meaning her pelvis was not moving properly and was out of alignment and rotated in a forward position. In order to bring the pelvis back into a neutral/normal position I applied a muscle energy technique.

The patient is a 29-year-old runner, who runs about 100km a week and is training for a marathon in May. 

The goal of muscle energy is to use the contraction of a muscle to bring the pelvis back into a neutral position. In order to do this, I bring the patient into a posteriorly rotated pelvis. I do this while the client is lying on their back and bend their hip until I find resistance. I follow this with getting the patient to gently push into my shoulder, contracting the hamstring to pull the pelvis further into that posterior rotation. I continue this multiple times, bringing the hip more and more into a flexed position until maximum flexion is reached. After, I always retest the positioning and movement of the pelvis, using the same landmarks. 

The treatment represents rehabilitation in the AT spectrum of care. Manual therapy is a very important aspect in injury rehabilitation and injury prevention in Athletic Therapy, because most injuries need manual guidance to help increase mobility and proper movement.

Contributing Athletic Therapist
Phoebe Mathews


Phoebe graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from McGill University, then studied Athletic Therapy at Mount Royal University in Calgary. She is currently studying Osteopathy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto. Phoebe has worked as an AT in many different sports, including soccer, hockey, football, rugby, and ultimate frisbee. Her goal as an AT is to educate and guide athletes and non-athletes toward feeling the healthiest they can in their sport or in their daily lives.