Access Through Mobile

Sol Casino mobile browser version is similar to that of the desktop browser version, but a bit more compact and on a small screen. All the options available in the desktop version are available in the mobile desktop version also the user interface is similar. All the options available in the desktop version such as customer assistance and deposits are available in the mobile version also. Sol casino has developed a mobile version focusing on the people of Canada and India. The mobile version of the Sol casino is rated as one of the best outs in the business, as the users until now haven’t experienced any crashes or bugs so far.

Compatibility of the Sol Casino app. Since the mobile version is based on the browser, there aren’t any compatibility issues, as almost all mobile devices support it. Whether it is IOS, Android, or Windows OS Sol casino online supports every operating system. One of the small difficulties faced in the mobile version is that compared to the desktop version in banking activities there tends to take a bit more time to load the pages. For Android users, they can download third-party website-based mobile sol casino applications.

Signup and sign-in process

The signup and sign process is the same as in the desktop version. The procedures in creating a new account in mobile are similar to that of a desktop version and the steps are the same. For signing up go to the signup page and enter all the details asked for, finally, mark in the checklist that the gambler is above 18 years and press sign up. After signing up at Sol Mobile casino, it is preferred to verify the account by clicking the conformational email in the mailbox.

For signing in, the process is similar to that of the desktop version.

  • The gambler needs to enter the password and email ID which was provided during the Sol Casino download and sign-up process.
  • The gambler can opt to save the password in the browser, so they don’t need to enter it every time they try to sign in to Sol casino online.

Deposit methods

Similar to the desktop variant, various payment options are available in the mobile version also. Online payment through any of the platforms given below is possible for Casino Sol. Gamblers won’t be stuck in the process of deposit as many variations are provided with easy deposit methods. This information will be useful for the no deposit bonus lovers as well.


All the games available in the desktop version are also available in the mobile version. Even though depending on the device, there might be a change in the graphics and loading time of the games if you login.

Bonus and features

Similar to the desktop version of Sol Casino, all the bonuses are also obtainable in the mobile version of the site. Other features such as promos and promo codes are also available in the mobile version.

Security features

The mobile version of the Sol casino is as secure as its elder brother’s desktop version. No bugs and crashes are being reported by the users and the mobile version runs smoothly. Gamblers can visit the privacy policy page to get a deep insight into the security features.

Also, the mobile version of the online casino provides good customer care support with live chat and email inquiries. So if the gambler has any troubles can contact customer care support for help. It is possible to solve any issue or get a guide. For instance, a manager can provide a gambler with match bonus reviews.

Official Application

Unfortunately, Sol casino is yet to release an online application in the Play Store and Apple Store. But mobile users can enjoy gambling through the mobile version of the website through any of the browsers on their mobile after they sign in. For easy access, the gamblers can bookmark the website in their mobile browser and save their password for working similar to the application. Even though no official application is currently available for the Sol casino, the mobile version of the website is by far the easiest and most enjoyable form of the platform.

The homepage is for informational purposes only. does not accept deposits and does not conduct real money games.