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Kindly read the Terms & Conditions carefully before using the Services of Sol Casino. Our Terms and Conditions, and our Privacy Policies, constitute a mandatory agreement concerning you (player/user) and the Sol Casino.

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Kindly note that Sol Casino will in no case be responsible or accountable for any kind of liability to you in matters related to jurisdiction.

Our Privacy Policy

We at Sol Casino would like to inform our players that our standard privacy policy briefly explains how your personal information might be used online. We request you to take a moment to read and understand this carefully to get a clear and precise understanding of how we collect your data, its usage, etc, according to our guidelines. We follow a transparent procedure in this regard.

Data Collection

The players using the Sol Casino website will be asked time and again to update information like:

  • Name
  • Address (Both Email ID & Mailing Address)
  • Contact Number
  • Credit Card Details
  • Past Transaction details
  • Engagement with Website and Website activity
  • Customer Feedback

An activity log of the players shall also be collected. Our website would also source details like your IP address, pages visited, browser details, etc.

Usage of Information

We would be under the obligation to share relevant information with our affiliates, agents, and other subsidiaries to offer technical support and other similar functions. In case you do participate in any kind of contests, surveys, or feedback sessions offered by us, it would automatically mean that you have authorized Sol Casino to use your information like names, email ids, etc,  for further and future advertising and promotional purposes. The information may also be used to push details about products and services offered by us.

And for the aforesaid purposes, we shall offer no compensations, monetary or otherwise, unless it is explicitly prohibited legally.

Sol Casino shall ensure that we will not sell or share or under any other agreement, your personal information unless exclusively mentioned here in this Sol Casino Privacy Policy.

Similarly, we will also be under obligation to share your information with agents, if required to do so by applicable laws or any legal authority of the state, country, or any other region.

In the event of a sale or any other unforeseen events in the future of Sol Casino or ceasing of operations (temporarily or permanently), we may be obligated to share any information that has been collected by us and all other information you have provided to us, as required in the circumstances, without any prior notice.

Sol Casino does not use any kind of trackers or cookies, or any kind of small text files stored on your computer that can trail or shadow any of your preferences, choices, or any login information or credentials, to track your use of the Sol Casino website. All the relevant information collected through the use of cookies is purely to enhance the user experience and service as well as to make it simple and more convenient.

Sol Casino does not offer players the choice of accepting or declining any cookies and these settings cannot be altered. In case players try to decline cookies, some of our exclusive and interactive features may experience issues and users might not be able to get the complete experience as these features might not work appropriately.

Data Security

Our website Sol Casino has taken all the necessary and proactive measures to ensure the data security of all our players (users), to protect your privacy. All the data and information collected from players are stored securely and encrypted with the help of state-of-the-art firewalls.

Third-Party Websites

All the links to our website Sol Casino may lead to the consequence of a third party obtaining information without the knowledge and consent of us or players. Since all these external third parties are separate entities independent of Sol Casino, we shall in no way be responsible for how they use or share the data. Such parties are also in no way bound by Sol Casino’s Privacy Policy in any way. In case of such instances, kindly get in touch with the third parties and check their Privacy Policy and we shall not be held responsible.

Consent to Privacy Statement

Your usage of our exclusive and all services including all associated and related ones along with the Sol Casino website, you are implicitly and voluntarily agreeing to all the clauses, terms, and conditions mentioned in our Privacy Policy. It is its full and in all entirety, our Privacy Statement supersedes any earlier versions that have been made. Kindly note that all our Terms and Conditions shall precede in case of any conflicting inclusions in the provisions mentioned here in the Privacy Policy. The terms of these Privacy policies may be altered, updated or additions made periodically without giving any prior notice. It is assumed that your further usage of the Sol Casino website and other related services amounts to your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, or how we handle personal information, please feel free to contact us.

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